It’s Storm Season – Are you Prepared?

Congratulations; we made it! Another Minnesota winter is in our rear-view mirror. Warm temps, bright sunshine and glorious summer days lie ahead. Spring and summer mean the threat of severe weather. It is always a good idea to remind ourselves to be weather aware during storm season in our communities.

Severe weather can happen at any time. Conditions can include thunderstorms, damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail and flash flooding. Pay attention to weather warnings, and familiarize your family with the understanding of a “watch” and “warning” when seeing to the local weather forecast. Take time to trim any trees or branches near your home to avoid possible damage, and check rain gutters/downspouts to make sure they are free of debris and connected for proper drainage. If storms are imminent, secure items outside that may move with high winds, move vehicles to safe places and get indoors.

Now is also the time to develop an emergency plan and practice with your family. Teaching kids where to go and what to do will help them (and you) stay calm as you prepare for a storm. Make sure part of your plan includes necessary items such as a charged cellphone, flashlight and radio. With heavy lightning, avoid connecting any item to an electrical outlet, and never use running water since ground struck from lightning can send a power surge into your home and these are conduits for a surge.

No one wants to deal with storm damage. Know that your insurance carrier is there is help you get back to where you were prior to the loss. Our agents at Lake Central Insurance Services want to make this as stress-free process as possible. Know that we are here to help you through this trying time and get back to the sunny days of summer!

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